02.Clock Town
03.Miss Flower
04.Rainy Day
05.Authentic Sky

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jennifer | 15

>> disappointing myself
> crying over baeklu
>> eating jello
> probably not doing homework let's be honest
>> studying to become exo's doctor
A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. —William G.T. Shedd (via minuir)
Anonymous asked:
about the snsd thing.i feel people should take jessica's word for it, as she is the one who is currently in the situation. she said that the other members forced her to choose between her company and them, and they also had a hand in forcing her out.

uhm i’m not sure if this was meant for me or not because i don’t think i’ve talked about this issue openly??? maybe wrong blog idk omg but if it is meant for me then i get your opinion. for me, the issue with kris a while back made me change the way I think during these situations. honestly we’ll never know who did what and who’s fault it is for sure, so I’ve learned to just not side with anyone.

just wish the best for jessica and don’t get mad at anyone because chances are being mad isn’t going to do much when you dont live in south korea or even asia (i’m laughing at myself I probably shouldn’t have even answered this lol)

are you ever so tired that when you blink you can feel your eyes roll back